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# Date Posted Country You Are From Are You in China now? If you are in China, what Province? What city? Prefer Full or Part-Time If Part-time when? Extras Checklist Status Details
102/12/2006CanadaNoEither One
I am a 55 year old, married, Canadian male My wife is Taiwanese and we have a daughter. I graduated from High School in Vancouver,Canada in 1967. After graduation I worked in our family hotel business. 1 year later I traveled through Europe and the Middle East to Israel for 3 years followed by three months in Mexico. Returning to Vancouver I worked in the hospitality and tourist industry until I met my wife in 2000. We moved to Taiwan where I worked for 4 years teaching English. About 1?years ago we retired to Egypt. I find now that I have retired too soon and would like to resume teaching. I have spent a great deal of my life traveling, living and experiencing different countries, peoples and cultures giving me a higher academia level. Because of these experiences and my teaching experience I believe I have much to offer an ESL classroom. Should a position be offered, I would be willing to pay the costs to relocate, however I would expect a living allowance.
My name is Norman Liou, and I am a Canadian citizen who has recently graduated from Global TESOL College with a Foundation Certificate in teaching TESOL and currently working on a specialization in teaching adults. I am actively seeking to secure an EFL teaching position in China. I am a Chinese-born-Canadian and have been in Canada the whole duration of my life. I wish to secure a teaching contract at your excellent school beginning any time in January 2006, in Suzhou. Although most of my experiences have been with adults, I am open to teaching adolescents and children at any level of English. Sincerely, Norman Liou
Experienced teacher and university lecturer with two Masterís degrees in English. Seven yearsí teaching experience. I am looking for a teaching position in China. I have experience teaching in China. In 2004 I taught English at the Zilang Middle School in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. My job also included training the Chinese English Teachers. My first MA is in English Studies, an academic course designed to train teachers of English, with subjects such as Methodology of TEFL and Pedagogy. I am currently lecturing and doing a PhD Veliko Turnovo University, Bulgaria, where I teach English literature and Conversation, as well as TOEFL. I have also worked at schools and language centres. In 2002 I received a second MA degree in English at Warwick University, England. I am 31 years of age, hard working, enthusiastic and reliable. I am in excellent health and willing to devote my enthusiasm and my TEFL qualification and skills to teaching in China.
412/07/2005NigeriaNoAny ProvinceAnyFull-Time
I am currently teaching in a private extral moral classes for primary school pupils,I read pyschology in the university i know how to handle them.if you find my text appealing, please do not hesitate to contact me via my e-mail.. emetosam@yahoo.com for me to send my resume,cover letter and others across.Thanks
511/19/2005United StatesNoFull-Time
I grew up in Minnesota, USA. I am a native speaker of American English. I also speak fluent Chinese. I majored in Chinese in college. I lived in China for a number of years. My work as an ESL teacher throughout the years has given me valuable experience with a variety of clients from children to professional adults. I pride myself on my adaptability to their needs and have a sincere desire to help them improve their language skills. I consider myself to be a people person and enjoy working with people from different cultures. I have a pleasant personality and am a patient and hardworking teacher. I strive for job satisfaction and believe my personal character and previous experience would equip me to be successful as a teacher. I am looking for teaching positions in Shanghai, Beijing, Da Lian and Qing Dao ONLY. I may consider cities near by but not too far away from the listed cities.
Hi there, nice to meet you. My name is Oscar Wu, Chinese born in Canada with a Degree in Computer Science. I have worked in Canada most of my life as a Computer Instructor and Specialist. I am patient, hard working, dedicated, enthusiastic, caring, reliable, a good teacher, role model, have a solid command of the English language both written and verbal. My dream is to teach English in China and learn Mandarin. I look forward to building a future together in China.
710/25/2005United StatesYesShandongZiboFull-Time
I am a native English speaker, who is planning to move to Beijing.
810/24/2005ghanaYesguangdongguangzhouEither OneCombination: Some Mo...
I am a professional ESL teacher from Ghana. I am currently in Guangzhou, China. I believe I have the experience every english teaching school needs. I am willing to go the extra mile to achieve results for my students.To make sure they come out to be always the best. Thanks. ghadafu@hotmail.com
I am a native speaker from the USA. I am seeking a position teaching English in China. I have a bachelor's degree in History. I have lived and studied in Beijing for a while. I am looking to start teaching in the winter semester starting in 2006.
1010/11/2005PhilippinesNoEither One
I had an approved F-visa before for Baotau City,Inner Mongolia, but because of the SARS outbreak way back then,I was not able to come to your country, this time I earnestly want to teach and live in China, feel free to contact me at my e-mail address : caster27@yahoo.com, mobile number: +639173502042
Let me introduce myself. I am from Australia and have taught in China (Grade 3 level at Middle School) I loved working with the kids and derived much pleasure from teaching. I hold a TESOL certificate and have combined my love of travelling and teaching. My many years of experience has given me both a mature and positive outlook in both my personal and working life as I take life as it comes. I work well under pressure and at the same time have an understanding of peoples needs. I consider myself to be a "people person" and am able to work well in a team environment. I have, what I believe, is a willingness to learn and the ability to adapt to new situations. I am honest, punctual, with a pleasant personality. I strive for job satisfaction and believe my personal character and previous experience would equip me to be successful as a teacher.
1210/08/2005USAYesHubeiSuizhouEither OneCombination: Some Mo...
I am currently in Suizhou, Hubei, teaching at a middle school. I am looking to teach elsewhere in China, preferably in a position where I can just tutor students. Feel free to contact me for more details!
1310/05/2005EnglandYesInner MongoliaBaotouFull-Time
I live in The Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. I have lived and worked here for two and a half years.During this time I have worked exclusively for the same school. I'm a lively, outgoing person and I use this part of my character to build the confidence in my students.My English level is very high and my accent is above standard. I have spent 15 years in the Broadcasting field and also time teaching sales techniques! All in all I have alot to offer!
I am seeking a high paying English teaching job in South China. I can teach any English subject also many other scientific subjects. I have 30 years experience ,I am dedicated and have very effective teaching methods.
1508/08/2005PhilippinesNoEither One
Iíve had experience teaching English to Koreans. I just had my TESOL training. I am a person who has a passion for teaching and professional development and is very eager for an opportunity to live and teach in another country like China. I am motivated to learn about the Chinese culture while sharing my own within a school environment like my mother, who enjoyed her stay in China as an English teacher. I shall appreciate the opportunity of an interview by phone in order to give you more details in which I think you may be interested. PROFILE: Possess a strong personality, flexible, goal-oriented and has a strong desire to make a positive impact on studentsí lives. Has a strong sense of responsibility, diligent, innovative, open-minded and with high energy level.
1608/06/2005ChinaYesHubei QinhuangdaoEither One
Professional interpreter,translator , a graduate from New York State University with Ph.D degree. If you are looking for a reasonable way to solve any requirements you may have for a oral or written interpretation or translation , you have come to the right place. Please contact me on any pricing or any information you may need. Thank You , Tong Cross Email: tongcross@yahoo.com.cn Home Phone: 86-335-796-5360 Mobile Phone: 86-13785911942
1708/01/2005British- CameroonianYesGuangdongShenzhenFull-Time
Outgoing and creative.Fluent in English ,French and Mandarin.
1807/31/2005PhilippinesNoEither One
I'm a Psychology major, and I attended a TESOL training. I used to teach English to Koreans. I find it interesting and challenging to teach and live in China.
1907/12/2005zimbabweYesguangdongzhuhaiEither One
I am an experienced foreign English teacher ready to teach anywhere in China.
2007/05/2005ROMANIAYesSUZHOUSUZHOUEither One
2106/18/2005chinaYesfuzhoufujianEither OneCombination: Some Mo...
english teacher from the philippines available for learning center,company english teacher or even private tutor just contact anne at 13615045504
06/16/2005UkraineNoEither OnePart-time Mornings O...
I am originally from Ukraine, but I was raised in Greece. I went to a British School (a British College in Athens) for 8 years, where I passed my O Levels. Among them were the GCE "o" Levels of English and Greek languages. I studied then at the Veterinary Faculty of the Aristotle State University of Thessaloniki, and the Theocratic Ministry Scohool. I've taught English and Russian privately for two years (one Year in Greece and one in Ukraine), I took part in translating the Bible from Greek into Russian, and now I got a CELTA. Chinese is a Language I'd also like to learn, So i wish to work in China.
I have over nine months teaching experience in China with one Company.
Husband and wife fresh out of college and looking to have the experiance of a lifetime teaching in China. We both have a B.S. in Business Managment.
2505/20/2005UNITED STATESNoFull-Time
Hi, I will be in China in August and I am searching for a 1+ year contract teaching English in China. Please contact me if you need more information. Thanks!
2604/18/2005PeruNoEither One
Hi people froim China! Im Alan Galefski and I have a master degree in English. I would like to teach in China because I think that I can offer very goods thinks to your people, as my culture is quite different students and teachers can learn from each other. This is a very good opportunity and Im sure Im very capable to respond for all your requests.
My husband and I are looking for positions as English teachers for the fall of 2005. We have 2 years of experience teaching English in both primary and middle schools in China. I have a B.A. from Indiana University in Indiana, U.S.A., and my husband has a B.A. from Armstrong Business College. We are currently teaching middle school in Shenzhen. Our contract will be completed on June 30, 2005. We are looking for positions for the summer and fall of 2005. Thank you.
2803/22/2005denmarkNoEither One
experienced female (30 yrs) english teacher holding university degree (east asian studies)looking for job in guangdong. have taught all age groups in china previously,currently employed by royal danish consulate general, guangzhou.
2902/05/2005New ZealandNoFull-Time
My name is Peter Milner and I am a native English speaker from NZ. I have completed TESOL certificate at Teach Internationl Auckland including completing the following three electives - grammar course, teaching English to children and IELTS. As well I have done a diploma course in New Zealand School of Travel and Tourism.
3001/18/2005PhilippinesNoShanghaiEither One
Experience Conversational English Teacher Ages from 5- 30 years old
I would like a contract to teach English, preferably in Western China where I have travelled before. I have one degree in politics and another in law.
Ready to teach!
As you know, it's always better to hear from the horse's mouth. With my teaching experience coupled with my good writing skills, that is why I have written two books; 1. Your Destiny in Your Hands (a novel for matured minds and 2. English Dynamics - a course book for students. This book contains practical learning techniques that will inspire students to learn. Not only that, I have organised two Teachers' Training Workshop in China. I can understand and speak chinese but not very fluent. If you are interested in me, just contact me directly at: ifyeswhyno@yahoo.com and I will send you my detailed CV for your consideration.
I have been teaching English in Japan for the last three and a half years, studying the language and culture. Even though I have enjoyed my stay in Japan, I will move on. After lengthy consideration, I have come to the conclusion that I should study the language and culture in China. If you could be of assistance in my search for a teaching position in the Guangdong area, I would highly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and consideration.
3512/17/2004United States of Ame...NoFull-Time
I have been teaching English in Japan since 2000. I have would like to teach in China next. I am a dependable and qualified teacher with a solid teaching background. I have been studying Japanese language and culture. I would like to tackle the Chinese language and culture next. Please send emails to makendreams@yahoo.co.jp
3612/16/2004United States of Ame...NoFull-Time
I have been teaching English in Japan since 2000. I have would like to teach in China next. I am a dependable and qualified teacher with a solid teaching background. I have been studying Japanese language and culture. I would like to tackle the Chinese language and culture next.

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